Welcome to the Harling-Guiltcross group of Churches.

If you're here to learn about the Harling Guiltcross Group of Churches - who we are and what we do: then please have a look around our website: we hope that you find something here that you will connect with you on your journey. 

If you're looking for events: then please see the Benefice News and Calendar page for all upcoming events and services!

If you're exploring 'Life Events' such as Weddings, Baptisms and Funerals: Then you can find out lots of information on our specific 'Life Events' page here!

If you're here to look for a specific church and their events: under the 'Our Churches' tab you will find links to each of the Churches. Here you will find some historical information about them and details of their worshipping patterns.

If you're not sure about the Christian faith but want to find out more: we run events and courses that are intended to be accessible to those who are seeking - or just beginning to wonder whether they want to start seeking! There are some great Internet resources which you may find helpful - here are three:

  • Have you got some tough questions? Try bethinking.org
  • Want to read stories of those who have come to faith recently? Try the Alpha website.
  • Would you like a quick summary of Christianity? Try the Christianity Explored site.
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