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Revd Josh's First Communion

Having been ordained as a Priest at Norwich Cathedral on Saturday, 29th June, the Benefice celebrated his first Communion together on Wednesday evening, July 3rd.  It was a joy to have so many visiting clergy and parishioners from across the Benefice supporting him.



Under One Roof Art Exhibition at East Harling

Everyone is welcome to visit our 'Under One Roof' Art Exhibition this July.  For more details please see below.

East Harling Afternoon Tea

Everyone is welcome to our Afternoon Tea on Saturday, 22nd June.  Please book your slot.  For further details please see below.

The Hungate Singers Concert at Garboldisham

Please join us on Saturday, 15th June for the Hungate Singers "Life and Love" Concert.  Please see below for more details.

Citizen Science - Count on Nature

Churches and cathedrals across the country are preparing for the annual “Churches Count on Nature” event – taking place from 8-16th June – the same week as “Love Your Burial Ground Week”.

We will be welcoming people to our ‘citizen science’ event and helping them to record what animals and plants they see, either on the iNaturalist app on your phone or with paper and pencil. The data will then be collated and shared.

It's very hard to protect wildlife if you don't know much about it. To understand what a species needs, we have to gather information about population, habitat choices and behaviour. Even more importantly, we have to monitor how these things change over time, in order to spot worrying trends and identify issues. The more information we have, the better.

That's where citizen science comes in. By working together with volunteers, scientists and conservationists can collect much more information about the species they are studying. Sometimes specialist knowledge is required, but often a basic grasp of wildlife is all you need or a clever App to help you.

Just turn up on the day. If you don’t live in East Harling come and find out what you need, and make your own records in your village graveyard.

Textile Workshop - East Harling

Pentecost Picnic

Everyone is welcome to join in this Pentecost Picnic and Family Praise.  For more details please see below.


The Super Swing Big Band



Garboldisham Village FĂȘte

Please put this date in your diary.  Everyone is welcome.  For more details please see the poster below.


Great Garden Birdwatch

The church will be taking part in this, along with many others, on Saturday, 28th January, 8.30am-4pm and Sunday, 29th January 11am-4pm. Join us in the churchyard and learn about all the birds seen on the day, general birding and wildlife. There will be colouring activities for children, and bird seed to take away to start feeding the birds at home. Everyone is welcome.

Happy birding!



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